West Huntspill Aikido club

Traditional Aikido practised with an open mind and heart.

'There are no 'styles' of Aikido. It is like cheese cake.
You can cut it in wedges or squares or just dig in with your fork but it is still cheese cake!'


John Creed Sensei 4th Dan Aikido, B.A.B Coach level 2.

John commenced Aikido in 1981 after seeing a poster describing how to hit people with sticks! Regular training in this strange art called Aikido led him to Gareth Jones Sensei now of Marbella. He became a true friend with whom he trained for the next 6 years achieving his 1st dan.

During this period John was also practising with Andy Mostyn Sensei at the fabled Walton Leisure centre (This involved John taking out an 8' square window with his Jo staff - apparently it is believed - cos it looked at him in a 'funny' way!) and at the Bu'Sen Martial Arts Centre in Twickenham with Andy Allen Sensei of the Institute of Aikid. (The IOA "Hut" is the Birthplace of Aikido in this country). Courses and seminars during this time included Chiba Sensei and Tamura Sensei.

Around 1988, work took John to Brighton for a few years where he practised with Brian Mitchell Sensei and the Brighton University Club with ocasional tuition from Kanatsuka Sensei and Richard Smaridge sensei.

On moving to Suffolk in 1993 John practised for 4 years at the Broadlands Aikido Club with Frank Burlingham Sensei of the I.O.A., a wonderful Aikidoka and man (we try not to mention the jokes!) , whilst latterly helping run a club in Great Yarrmouth. Courses included Haydn Foster Sensei.

In 1996 His family moved to Somerset where work and family life interceeded and regrettably ended up taking a 8 year break from Aikido.

He resumed his studies in 2004 with David Luddington Sensei at United Dojo's in Taunton, and Rising Sun Aikido in Weston-super-Mare where he taught with the kids class for ten years. Courses provided exposure to Professor Rick Clarke of Ao Denko Jutsu and Toby Threadgill Kaicho Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu Jujutsu. Larbi El Akel sensei of Brussels and Shunchiro Koyanagi & Hiroki Kobayashi of Koboyashi Dojos.

Since 2006 John has trained under the technical direction of Pierre Citti kyoshi, 8th dan of the Budo College Belge, Brussels. A lineage of aikido that does not ignore its martial roots, Citti Sensei is the Aikido technical director for the IBC 'International Budo Council' and it was by him that John was awarded 2nd Dan in June 2008 , 3rd Dan in April 2013, and his 4th Dan in October 2019.

John has been back on the mat for a good few years now, trains at least 4 times a week and still hopes it will stop hurting soon!

In 2007 he also commenced training in Hagakure Fudoshin Iaido with Mick Simmonette Sensei (4th dan Iaido, 2nd dan jodo, 1st dan kendo) at Creech St. Michael, Somerset though has taken a forced sabattical due to back and knee issues.

Also enjoyed a too brief interval western fencing 'epee' with Maitre Jim Perry B.A.F very competitive and an interesting if exhausting contrast to the Japanese Blade! Jim sadly Died in a car accident in 2012. A wonderful man.

John is DPD Checked and holds Instructors Insurance and Coaching level 2 certification including child protection, with the British Aikido Board.